Turk’s Restaurant: Back from Winter Hibernation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that New England is famous for seafood. Living in New England since birth, I have become somewhat of a seafood snob when it comes to what I eat and where I’ll eat it. People ask me all the time what to get for seafood and how you can tell if seafood is fresh. My typical response is, “If it smells fishy, don’t eat it.” As peculiar as that sounds, any seafood eater would probably make the same remark. I never want to smell a strong, pungent smell coming from any type of seafood. Of course, seafood has a scent to it, but the smell should never be overwhelming. Yes, your hands will probably smell fishy if you crack your own lobster. It’s just inevitable. My advice: bring a couple of wet naps with you to have handy, and maybe don’t eat lobster on first a date. Unless bibs are your thing of course, then have at it.

I will proudly wear that bib to eat seafood when I trust the supplier of the product. Restaurants that use the local catch should guarantee a very fresh product. Our fishermen deserve to have the community eating their local seafood. Our restaurant feature this month, Turk’s Seafood, is doing just that. Turk’s provides local catch not only at their amazing seafood market, but they also serve that same product on the menu. If a certain type of seafood cannot be bought locally, Turk’s has that product flown in. Turk’s specializes in having top quality  seafood that can be enjoyed in an inviting atmosphere. If I’m not eating there, I’m going to their market to buy seafood to cook for dinner at home.

Calling all sushi lovers, this spot is also for you too! The sushi chefs are right there prepping roll after roll of authentic sushi delicacies, using the freshest seafood of course. Most regulars I know refer to going to Turks as getting their “weekly fix.” There just isn’t any other restaurant in the area quite like it. The restaurant features two sides. One side (the older part) provides quaint, restaurant-style seating with a New England feel. The opposite side (the newer part) features the sushi bar and patio seating. The newest addition to the restaurant includes a brand new, high end bar. So if you’re looking for a first date location this is your go to spot. Drinks and sushi, you just can’t go wrong. No bibs are necessary… at least I hope not.

If you have not tried Turk’s yet, put it on your to do list ASAP. Go with your family, take your significant other on a date, or go have a few drinks at the bar with friends. Turk’s was closed for two months in the winter, but opened back up this past Wednesday just in time for the Lenten season. Start preparing for summer by visiting Turk’s now. It is definitely the place to be when it comes to fresh local seafood.

-Cassie Canastra


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