Hi there, my name is Mary Wingo and I manufacture premium woven and
printed labels and patches with the best craftsmanship in the
industry. These are used for product branding as well as certain
types of legal compliance needed for sewn products and clothing. I
can also source small or large volumes of imported custom clothing
and other custom sewn products, as I have a myriad of niche sewing
factories in my network.

I can provide you not only with excellent service and pricing, but I
can also help with special requests and projects that are difficult to
source or engineer from many manufacturing fields.

You can always call me at 325-515-4103 (I work out of Texas, but I
do work internationally) or just get back by email if you have any
specs, artwork, or any questions whatsoever. You will completely be
taken care of by my world-class team, as we have been serving our
elite clients for over 10 years.

I do have some beautiful label and patch work to share with you if
you are interested. Would you like for me to send you more
information or a link to my gallery? Or are you open to some other
type of dialog?

Mary Wingo
US: +1-315-515-4103
WhatsApp +593997072882
Skype ID maryiscontary
13359 North Highway 183
Suite 406-577
Austin TX 78750

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