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base-photo-4The Buyers and Sellers Exchange (BASE) is an electronic seafood auctioning company operating in New Bedford, MA.

Originally known as The Whaling City Seafood Display Auction, BASE was established in 1994 by Raymond and Richard Canastra of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Since that time, BASE has become the seafood auction for the port of New Bedford and all of Southern New England.

Over the years we have worked to develop procedures, which allow buyers and sellers alike to engage in the sale of seafood under strict conditions, which guarantee the true market value for the product at the moment of sale. BASE allows us to integrate management practices with harvesting and fish processing techniques, which in turn provide us the means to measurably improve returns for everyone involved.

Electronic Seafood Auction

Anyone who is involved in the buying, selling and processing of seafood products can be connected to the BASE program. However, it is the success of BASE as the “electronic seafood auction”, that is a direct reflection of the growth and change within the current market of the industry. This advanced marketing system has the potential to positively impact the overall economics of the scallop industry.

Prior to the development of BASE, the market for buying and selling fresh fish and seafood in New Bedford, Massachusetts was inefficient, to say the least. Transactions on the sides of both the buyer and the seller were providing difficult, creating the need for an improved way of doing business. The auction established by the Canastras changed all of this, providing buyers and sellers with an orderly and open market, which gave fishermen fair market prices for their product and buyers access to more predictable supplies of fresh seafood.

                                                                                               The Auction Family Christmas Photo, 2016


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