The Northeast Seafood Coalition is a non-profit membership organization representing commercial fishing entities in the northeastern United States on political and policy issues affecting their interests as participants in the multispecies (groundfish) fishery. The work of the Northeast Seafood Coalition is geared toward crafting real solutions to complex fishery problems.


Website posts the latest commercial fishing regulations for Massachusetts’ State Waters.



                                                             NOAA Fisheries


The Sustainable Fisheries Division administers the federal fisheries management program for the Greater Atlantic Region under authority specified in the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. In 1996, the act was amended by the Sustainable Fisheries Act and included new mandates to better address fisheries bycatch, habitat conservation and new standards for fishery conservation that the Fishery Management Councils and the NOAA must meet.


The act was further refined in 2006 by theMagnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Reauthorization Act. The Reauthorized Act mandates the use of annual catch limits and accountability measures to end overfishing, allows for management through limited access privilege programs, and calls for increased international cooperation.


                                                           Port of New Bedford



Our authentic New England Seaport supports a unique blend of commercial and recreational boats! Imagine rowing crews thriving next to fishing vessels. Freighters, ferries, cruise ships, excursion and recreational boats are all welcome in our Harbor.




Saving Seafood conducts media and public outreach on behalf of the seafood industry, as well as communications to keep industry members aware of issues and events of concern.

Saving Seafood works with owners, captains, fishermen, seafood processors and brokers across the United States who are committed to the preservation of the resource that has provided their livelihood, and that of their American forebears, for generations.



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