Fishermen hope bumper sticker gets Trump’s attention

March 30, 2017 

Stonington — For struggling Town Dock fishermen, President Trump’s promise to eliminate regulations and spur the economy means they might finally have success in their long fight to rescind the catch restrictions they say are not only unfair and based on bad science but are putting them out of business.

So in an effort to attract Trump’s attention and help spread their message in Washington, they have printed up a bumper sticker that will be appearing on vehicles here in coming days.

The sticker features a picture of Trump giving a thumbs-up next to a fishing boat with the slogan “Make Commercial Fishing Great Again,” a spin on Trump’s popular campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

“He’s sat down and talked to coal miners and truck drivers. We’d like to be able to get the seafood industry to sit down and talk to him,” said Mike Gambardella, who runs his family’s fish wholesale business at the Town Dock. “It’s a matter of him understanding the problem.”

Gambardella said if fishermen just had the chance to explain the long-standing problem to Trump, “his head would spin.”





How Smart Fishery Management Saved The Atlantic Sea Scallop

Suffering scallop populations made a comeback after the strategic closure of three critical fisheries.

Scallops taught the United States an important lesson in sustainability.

A smart fishery management plan was meant to relieve suffering cod and flounder populations, but it also prevented the Atlantic sea scallop market from fizzling out in the ’90s.

In 1991, New England fisheries yielded 37 million pounds of scallops. Scientists started to worry when scallop landings dropped to less than 10 million pounds in 1994.


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