Thank you for your interest in the Buyers and Sellers Exchange (BASE) Auction. 

Please review the following information regarding the selling of seafood products through the auction system.


Vessels, JOINING 

  1. To unload at the auction you must have a Massachusetts Landing Permit.
    1. Please contact Story Reed at MDMF.  Phone: 617-626-1524 Email: 
  2. To join the system please call Cassie at 508-717-7214. You will need the following information:
    1. Name, Vessel Name, Address, Phone Number
    2. Banking info for wires: Full account name, address, Routing number, Account number, Bank Name
  3. To schedule an unloading time, please call Peter at 508-742-8786


  1. Please call ahead of time to schedule an unloading time. We are open from Sunday at 6AM to Friday at 4AM to unload. (call Peter or Cassie)
  2. If you do not call, you will have to wait for the vessels at the door to finish.
  3. If you need a lumper, please let us know ahead of time.
  4. We ask all vessels to unload in a timely fashion.

Vessels, PAYMENT

  1. Product will be sold at the next days fish or scallop auctions.
  2. Payment for product will be made immediately following auctions.
  3. Please come to the auction to pick up check
  4. If you need a wire, please let us know ahead of time.



For any further questions, please call Cassie directly at 508-717-7214

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